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Project Overview

Project Overview | Australia

Parkway Mineral’s (ASX:PWN) Dandaragan Trough Project is focused on exploiting a very large, shallow deposit of greensand, which contains both rock phosphate and glauconite. Glauconite is a green mineral commonly containing 4-6% potash as KO as well as varying amounts of iron, aluminium and magnesium.

Studies and testwork have indicated that two projects are commercially viable:

  • Production of single superphosphate, from the rock phosphate present in the greensand, and,
  • Production of potash, alum, single superphosphate and Iron oxide, from the glauconite component of the greensand.

The Company has a major land holding over a globally significant deposit of greensand with exploration licenses and applications covering an area of 2,00km2. Exploration drilling has shown almost the entire tenement holding is underlain by glauconite rich sediments.  Our first drilling programmes have identified sufficient resources to allow long-life operations.



Project Overview 26/11/2016
Parkway Minerals NL aims to extract essential fertilizer feedstocks, phosphate and potash, from Lake Seabrook and the Dandaragan Trough.


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